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APARU is an Association of Argentine professionals in the United Kingdom and is entirely made up of a team of volunteers. 


We meet every month and are always delighted to welcome new faces. To become part of our team all you need is to share an enthusiasm for our mission. There is no nationality qualification or geographical requirement.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we do, helping out at any of our events, organising new projects or investing some of your time in our activities while gaining experience and new skills, please get in touch with Macarena. If you're not in London or can't attend our meetings, do not worry: you can help in many other ways. We are always in search of new collaborators. We couldn't do what we do without them.


Come on! Roll up your sleeves and get ready to meet new friends while contributing to life-changing causes! 

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The project ‘Chaco Existe’ consists in placing water pumps in 23 small schools in the region of the Chaco forest, known as ‘The Impenetrable’, most specifically, in El Sauzalito - a village populated by the Wichi natives. Many of the inhabitants are not literate and their basic nutritional needs are not met, which results in growth retardation affecting a high percentage of the population.

Fundacion Espiga: Chaco Existe

This foundation provides support to young people from rural areas during their whole time at college or university.  They get free accommodation, food, traveling tickets and books and supplies. We also offer them the academic support required to help them start university since in most cases, the candidates finish secondary school with a low academic level.

Fundacion Si: Residencias Universitarias

Our projects are funded solely by private donations, so whatever you can give makes a huge difference. If you'd like to support APARU just click on DONATE.

As professionals, we commit to integrity and the promotion of the public good. We want to boost connections to promote trust and expertise while supporting those underemployed to use their skills to unleash their potential.

APARU is entirely made up of a team of volunteers. To become part of our team all you need is to share an enthusiasm for our mission. There are no nationality restrictions or geographical requirements.

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