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Mentoring Argentine Women in the UK

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To celebrate Women’s Month, APARU launches an activity that empowers women by sharing experiences and showing empathy:  Unidas del Sur, mentoring Argentine women by Argentine women.

What is Mentoring?

It is the process of influencing and guiding another person (mentee) to support their personal and professional development. The mentor offers help and advice to a less experienced person.

The aim of this initiative is to kick off a program that can grow over time with the idea of:

  • supporting Argentine women in UK to thrive in specific areas of their personal or professional life

  • creating new relationships within the community.

We strongly believe in the power of women and the impact of bonding. Argentine women living in the UK share a similar cultural background and expatriation experience, which can only booster the mentoring experience.

What can a mentee gain from this experience?

  • enhance personal & business skills

  • give and receive objective feedback

  • improved networking skills, connecting with people across different backgrounds and learn from their experiences

  • become more aware of their strengths and development needs

What do mentors gain from volunteering?

  • satisfaction from helping others

  • improved interpersonal & leadership skills

  • meet and learn from others & broaden self perspective

  • opportunity to leave a personal legacy


What topics can be covered via mentoring?

Specific career challenges, life transitions, professional dilemmas, etc.


March  8: Program Launch on International Women’s Day. Start of the registration period for mentors and mentees.

March  14: End of the registration period.

March 15-18: participant matching and pairing (by APARU).

March 19: Matched pairs between mentors and mentees will be announced.

March  22 at 7pm: Online call with confirmed participants to set clear expectations and guidelines (organised by APARU).

March 23-31: period for mentor and mentee to coordinate the mentoring session on their own time. This could be face-to-face or online.

First week of April: feedback submitted to APARU.

What do we expect from a mentor?

Availability to attend at least one 2-hour meeting with the assigned mentee. In case more than one mentee pairs with the same mentor, it is up to the mentor whether to accept more assigments.

It is up to the participants whether to continue with more meetings over time but it is not a requirement.

The mentor can suggest pieces to read, cases to study or other activities that could support the growth of the mentee beyond the meetings.

What do we expect from a mentee?

Respectful attitude and commitment to participate.

Proactivity by scheduling the meeting and asking relevant, specific questions to the mentor.

Clarity and brevity in the exposition. Bring a specific challenge.

Accountability on any future actions after the mentoring session.


Growing together, succeeding together!

Register now for a mentoring session during Women’s Month. You can be either a mentee or a mentor!

DISCLAMER: APARU will match mentors and mentees according to individuals’ profiles and interests. We cannot guarantee to find a match for everyone, but we will do our best. By submitting an application, you consent to share your data with APARU and the person you are matched to.

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