Espiga Foundation: Chaco Exists

The project ‘Chaco Existe’ consists in placing water pumps in 23 small schools in the region of the Chaco forest, known as ‘The Impenetrable’, most specifically, in El Sauzalito - a village populated by the Wichi natives. Many of the inhabitants are not literate and their basic nutritional needs are not met, which results in growth retardation affecting a high percentage of the population.


The most impoverished communities suffer from conditions or diseases which have already been eradicated from the rest of the country, such as Tuberculosis, Chagas disease and/or Malnutrition. Likewise, 85% of the people are affected by parasitic diseases, which they get from drinking water from the rivers, due to the lack of potable drinking water.

In addition to the provision of potable water, the foundation is also working on other projects in the region, such as a sponsorship programme for 5 picnic areas, where they feed up to 1,500 kids a day, and a community restaurant which feeds more than 3,800 people per weekend. They are also involved in the maintenance and extension of an artisans’ workshop and the implementation of community orchards (INTA, Prohuerta).