Fundacion Si

Since 2012, the University Residences Project of Fundación SI provides accommodation to young people who finished secondary school in rural areas, during their whole time at college or university.


They get free accommodation, food, travelling tickets and books and supplies. We also offer them the academic support required to help them start university, since in most cases, the candidates finish secondary school with a low academic level. In addition, the students also receive emotional support (with Psychologists who offer assistance to those who have suffered from abuse or violence in a context of extreme poverty, amongst other problems).


As a follow up, the students living in the residences receive academic support with their tutors every 15 days and 5 academic interviews per year to assess their individual situation. At present, there is enough room to accommodate 320 youngsters, but we have received more than 2,500 applications. Since we started in 2012, there have been 7 graduates, thanks to this programme, who have broken the siege of poverty with a University Degree and who are now taken as role models to hundreds of other youngsters.