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Fundación Horizonte de Máxima:
Módulo Sanitario

In Argentina, 15% of the population lack access to a proper toilet inside their home (INDEC, 2010). This means that residents need to leave their houses to either go to a public toilet, use the facilities at a neighbour’s or a latrine in the open air. The main objective of Módulo Sanitario (Sanitary Modular Kits) is to transform the reality of people lacking such basic infrastructure.

During the current stage, the project aims to reach at least 12 vulnerable families to improve their housing conditions and their access to basic hygiene. Installed by a team of volunteers with the involvement of the neighbours and direct beneficiaries, the pre-built and easy-to-assemble sanitary modules comprise cold and hot water piping, drainage and electrical wiring, separate kitchen and toilet sinks, toilet bowl, shower and boiler. After the installation, families are given access -many for the first time- to proper basic sanitation. Volunteers also carry out hygiene workshops and follow-up surveys to assess the long-term impact of the project on the locals’ health and living conditions.

This project has been running since 2015 and has set up over 800 modules in 8 different provinces, improving the lives of over 15,000 people of all ages.

About Fundación Horizonte de Máxima

Horizonte de Máxima works in the promotion of social impact ventures, accompanying young professionals who want to get involved in social work to develop their skills with the purpose of becoming “actors of social and inclusive change” in Argentina and Latin America.
Over 1,000 volunteers are involved in the organisation’s Módulo Sanitario project, for which APARU will fundraise during the period 2021-2023.

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