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Our purpose at APARU is not only to support our country by sponsoring social development projects, but also to be there for the Argentinian community here in the UK.

For 20 years, APARU has been a space where the Argentinian community could gather, connect and grow. We offer networking opportunities and professional development events for people of all disciplines.

We encourage our members to bring forward new ideas and organise initiatives, which can have a significant impact on our community by promoting trust and helping others to use their skills to unleash their potential.

In this section, we include tips and useful information that can be of interest or value for any Argentinian Professional willing to or already living in the UK.

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para ingresar al Reino Unido

Te contamos cuáles son los requisitos de trámites migratorios

para ingresar al Reino Unido

Stand out small

Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Access the recording of the event and jot down the gists to boost

your business

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Unidas del Sur

Mentoring Argentine Women in the UK

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