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In this section, you'll find the charity projects in Argentina that we support through our fundraising activities in the UK. We also include the list of projects we sponsored in the past, as well as the form to apply for funding whenever it's available.

Ongoing Projects

Cynal Asociación Civil: Modelling life in  Piruaj Bajo

Established in 2020,  the project focuses on developing a circular economy model by nurturing ceramic skills within the indigenous Lule-Vilela community of Piruaj Bajo in Santiago del Estero. With its direct impact on 10 individuals and indirect reach to 12 vulnerable families, the project represents a transformative shift from the sale of charcoal and timber to sustainable ceramics production. It stands as a testament to community empowerment, economic advancement, and environmental stewardship. 

Fundación Escolares: Education, settlement and sustainable rural development

The project  is an initiative aimed at improving the comprehensive and professional education of 795 students and 172 teachers in agro-technical schools in rural areas of the Chaco province. In collaboration with 7 Family Agricultural Schools (EFA), this project aims to refurbish and equip industrial facilities and educational environments, improve access to safe water, enable industrial facilities and products produced by the schools, and provide financial support for projects that promote the use of digital media in education, playing a vital role in isolated rural communities.

Past Projects

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