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About Us

Who we are

We are a group of people who have a connection with Argentina and an interest in its people. Each of us come from different backgrounds and with different motivations; we got together to create a space where we can network, support each other as a community in the UK and help those who need it the most in Argentina.

What we do

We organise activities to promote networking among the Argentinian community in the UK, so that they can make the best out of their expertise and potential.

We sponsor projects of Argentinian NGOs that work with the disadvantaged. Two new projects are chosen every two years following an open call. We take part in activities and organise events to fundraise for them, as a way of maintaining bonds with our country.

We hold monthly meetings where we brainstorm for activities, introduce newcomers, socialise, and set our schedule for charitable work. In the past, these meetings were held in London but, after the pandemic, we alternate face to face and online meetings, to allow participation from anywhere.

All our work, from top to bottom, is done on a voluntary basis.

How we do it

We do it following our values:

CARE FOR OTHERS: we love our country and our community, and we are committed to help them.

COLLABORATION: we work as a team and we value consensus.

INCLUSION: we are an open, welcoming team and we promote inclusivity in everything we do.

CREATIVITY: we find new original ways of supporting our people, communicating with them and working together.

DYNAMISM: we are agile and our focus is always on our mission.

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Where we come from

More than twenty years ago, 19 people as forward looking as today’s APARU’s members, met for the first time to network and strengthen the bonds of the Argentinian community in the UK.
They followed all the statutory steps until APARU came to existence as a registered charity, with a name and a clear purpose.
Soon after the crisis of 2001 in Argentina, they revisited APARU’s mission and a new goal was set, that of sponsoring projects in Argentina by fundraising in the UK.
Since then on, we’ve been holding monthly meetings in pursuit of our mission.

But this is the short version of the story. To know more details and who made this visionary group, go to…

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