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Fundación San Genaro:
Médicos Rurales Itinerantes

Médicos Rurales Itinerantes (Itinerant Rural Doctors) provides medical attention in 20 vulnerable communities in Santiago del Estero, a province in Northern Argentina and one of the poorest in the country. At least once a year, a group of doctors visit these communities, so that the local rural population don’t have the need to travel to urban areas to seek medical advice and get primary care.

The visiting health professionals cover a range of areas, from dental treatment to paediatric check-ups. The teams also distribute water purifying tablets among the local families and work on promoting awareness on safe water consumption, disease prevention, sanitation and other healthy habits.

This project will reach 870 boys and girls aged 0 to 18, as well as over 1,000 adult men and women and some 70 school teachers from 20 different rural communities.

About Fundación San Genaro:

Fundación San Genaro works to “improve the quality of life of women and children from vulnerable communities”, focusing on health, education and female empowerment projects. Their team of volunteers work tirelessly to support schools, community centres, youth clubs and soup kitchens through a series of projects - such as Cultivando escuelas, Juntos a la par, Ser solidario and Hacedoras.

APARU will fundraise particularly to support their Médicos Rurales Itinerantes endeavour that is directly linked to the organisation’s fieldwork in Santiago del Estero, during the period 2021-2023.

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