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Fundación San Genaro: Médicos Rurales Itinerantes

The project provides medical attention in 20 vulnerable communities in Santiago del Estero, a province in Northern Argentina and one of the poorest in the country. At least once a year, a group of doctors visit these communities, so that the local rural population don’t have the need to travel to urban areas to seek medical advice and get primary care.

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Fundación Horizonte de Máxima:
Módulo Sanitario

In Argentina, 15% of the population lack access to a proper toilet inside their home. The project aims to reach at least 12 vulnerable families to improve their housing conditions and their access to basic hygiene. Installed by a team of volunteers with the involvement of the neighbours and direct beneficiaries, the pre-built and easy-to-assemble sanitary modules comprise cold and hot water piping, drainage and electrical wiring, separate kitchen and toilet sinks, toilet bowl, shower and boiler.

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Fundacion Espiga: Chaco Existe

The project Chaco Existe consists in placing water pumps in 23 small schools in the region of the Chaco forest, known as ‘The Impenetrable’, most specifically, in El Sauzalito - a village populated by the Wichi natives. Many of the inhabitants are not literate and their basic nutritional needs are not met, which results in growth retardation affecting a high percentage of the population.
The most impoverished communities suffer from conditions or diseases which have already been eradicated from the rest of the country, such as Tuberculosis, Chagas disease and/or Malnutrition. Likewise, 85% of the people are affected by parasitic diseases, which they get from drinking water from the rivers, due to the lack of potable drinking water.
In addition to the provision of potable water, the foundation is also working on other projects in the region, such as a sponsorship programme for 5 picnic areas, where they feed up to 1,500 kids a day, and a community restaurant which feeds more than 3,800 people per weekend. They are also involved in the maintenance and extension of an artisans’ workshop and the implementation of community orchards (INTA, Prohuerta).


Fundacion Si: Residencias Universitarias

Since 2012, the University Residences Project of Fundación SI provides accommodation to young people who finished secondary school in rural areas, during their whole time at college or university.  They get free accommodation, food, travelling tickets and books and supplies. We also offer them the academic support required to help them start university, since in most cases, the candidates finish secondary school with a low academic level. In addition, the students also receive emotional support (with Psychologists who offer assistance to those who have suffered from abuse or violence in a context of extreme poverty, amongst other problems).

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FUSAVI (Fundación Médica de Salud Visual y Rehabilitación – Medical Foundation for Visual Health and Rehabilitation) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2005, which is devoted to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in the field of ophthalmology. Its efforts are aimed at children, youths and adults in Argentina, who have visual problems and cannot find a suitable treatment through the public health system. FUSAVI works with a team of outstanding professionals, who generously work pro bono. Through their ‘Apadrinando Miradas’ programme, FUSAVI intends to fully sponsor a child, youth or adult in need of surgery, giving him/her the chance of having a future in which he/she is able to see.


Pata Pila is an organisation working to prevent child malnutrition and human development. Malnutrition during the first years of a child’s life affects brain development causing irreversible damage to physical development, health, IQ and learning capabilities.

APARU’s support helps Pata Pila’s projects and its nutrition programme to reach more children and mothers. They work with an interdisciplinary methodology that helps the families of children who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. The scheme aims to foster the recovery of children at risk, providing training, professional care and support to families, in order to promote their development and growth. It also seeks to help mothers in developing and boosting their capabilities.

Fundación Alma

Fundación Alma (Soul Foundation) was created in 1976 and provides healthcare and assistance in paediatric diagnosis and treatment. Since 1980, the foundation operates the Alma hospital Train for Children which reaches poor areas in northern Argentina to deliver free medical and dental care. The staff in the Train, entirely made of volunteers, also fulfil an important pedagogic role by providing basic paediatric care and sanitary information to local teachers.

Todos Juntos Children's Trust

The focus of Todos Juntos Children’s Trust is to set up free dental clinics in the deprived urban areas around Buenos Aires. Through these clinics, many children in need have had access to treatment and education on dental hygiene.

Fundación Pequeños Gestos, Grandes Logros

Fundación Pequeños Gestos, Grandes Logros (Small Gestures, Big Achievements Foundation) was founded by Argentine singer Patricia Sosa, when she received a letter from a Toba aboriginal community in Argentina calling for help to prevent the extinction of their people in the Province of Chaco. The foundation helps Toba communities by providing sanitary, educational and immediate assistance campaigns. This year the organization is working on the improvement of housing facilities, health treatment against Chagas disease, dental assistance and educational activities at two schools in the region. 


A.P.A.D. (Association for the Protection and Assistance of Disabled People) is a non-profit association founded almost 30 years ago to help disabled people become part of the working force.


APRID (Association for the Rehabilitation of Children with Down Syndrome) was created more than 20 years ago in Mendoza (Argentina) by a group of parents of children with Down syndrome. Today, it is a private education and rehabilitation centre that implements the latest developments in the field.

Social Football in Balvanera

The organisation, based in Buenos Aires, aims at using sports as a tool of social transformation and organises football matches for socially vulnerable teenagers from the city’s poorer areas.


Casa Manu

Casa Manu was founded in 2011 in the province of Buenos Aires and is home to children who live with HIV/AIDS and have been abandoned by their families. These children, all between the ages of 3 and 16, are sent there by the Department of Juvenile Justice and the infectious diseases unit at Garrahan Hospital. The aim of this organisation is to improve these children's quality of life in the environment of a small home, where they are respected, loved and valued.

La Doble Ayuda

La Doble Ayuda is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2006 by the Argentine Association of Motorcyclists to support poor children from Argentina’s rural areas. The organisation runs three programmes to support rural schools: a permanent support programme which provides food, school supplies, school uniforms and clothing; a school maintenance programme which funds building maintenance and infrastructure; and a scholarship programme which grants scholarships to prevent dropouts.

Asociacion Hombre Nuevo

Asociación Hombre Nuevo is not-for-profit organisation founded in 2002 in Córdoba, to care for the homeless focusing on their physical and psychological well-being and rehabilitation, seeking to transform their lives and help them recover their human dignity. The organisation runs two programmes: Los Peregrinos provides basic food and sanitary care, while Hogar el Buen Samaritano provides medical and psychological care. The organisation currently has expansion plans and a third programme in the making: Casa Jóvenes, a youth centre where young homeless people will be taught professional skills that will empower them to become independent and self-sufficient.

Fundación Alegría Ahora

Fundación Alegría Ahora (Happiness Now) is a Primary School for the education of youths and adults, which was founded in Cordoba 13 years ago with the aim of providing an inclusive education. It became a foundation in 2012 in order to strengthen and expand the range of activities provided, in a wide range that goes from providing financial support for students to training, healthcare and access to several cultural circuits. They currently work with 40 students, who in many cases attend school with their children or with their brothers and sisters.

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