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Where we come from

27 November 2002 – The foundational meeting took place at a cafe in the Imperial College with the participation of 19 attendees. A promotional commission was created.

5 February 2003 – In a second meeting, a preliminary governing document was approved. New members were added to the commission.

26 April 2003 – The Foundational Assembly took place with the participation of about 70 members. The Association was formally created, the name APARU was coined and approved by general vote. On the same day, the First Executive Committee (EC) was elected.

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FOUNDER MEMBERS: Alicia Arendar, Pablo Armelin, Luis Bameule, Evangelina Blanco, Aldo R. Boccaccini, Juan P. Bromberg, Wenceslao Bunge, Alex Canonero, Pablo Carbajal, Judith A. Cherni, Sergio L. Colombo, María C. Colson, Alejandra D’Ippolito, Mariana G. Dagatti, Jorge D. Erusalimsky, Mariela Estray, Enrique Fernandez Saenz, Christian Finkelstein, Leonardo Franco, José Gagliardi, Federico Gaito, Pier Paolo Giua, Isro Gloger, Dada Gotelli, Veronica Gottau, Graciela Iglesias Rogers, Susana Levy, María Lucini, Alejandro Marguery, Martín L. Marro, Mercedes Mendez Ribas, Mariana Mendoza,Claudia Morales, Laura Nador, María Soledad Nasi, María C. Ovejero-Boglione, Sofía Paz, Fernando Perrone, Martín Polo Friz, Gabriela Porto, Manuel Pulido, Juan J. Remón, Bernardo Retamal, Arthur Rogers, Timothy Rumboll, Adrian Sack, Walter Saviola, Myrian Schenk, Celia Szusterman, María L. Tabanera, Pablo A. Tettamanti, Maria Laura Tinelli, Pastor J. Traverso, Mariana E. Vaschetto, Betiana C. Velaz, Alessandra Viggiano, Rolf Zen Eckell.

6 October 2004 – APARU became a registered charity (No. 1106195) in the Central Registry of Charities of England and Wales.

Every year since April 2003, an Annual General Meeting is held and a new Executive Committee is elected. The Executive Committees have held monthly meetings ever since.
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