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Mentoring for Argentine Women by Argentine Women in the UK

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To celebrate Women’s Month, APARU launches the second edition of our program Unidas del Sur: mentoring for Argentine women by Argentine women.

We strongly believe in the power of women and the impact of bonding. Argentine women living in the UK share a similar cultural background and expatriation experience, which can only boost the mentoring experience.


Therefore, if you have solid experience in any area or career, we encourage you to consider becoming a mentor and sharing your competencies to empower other women. On the other hand, if you are trying to advance in your personal and professional projects, sign up as a mentee to have the opportunity to be guided and connect with experienced Argentine women in various fields of knowledge

What is mentoring?
Mentoring is a process in which an experienced individual (the mentor) guides and influences another (the mentee) to support their personal and professional growth. Mentors offer valuable advice and support to those with less experience. 

What are the benefits of volunteering as a mentor?

  • Satisfaction from helping others.

  • Improvement of interpersonal and leadership skills.

  • Learning from others and broadening personal perspective.

  • Opportunity to leave a personal legacy. 

What are the benefits of participating as a mentee?

  • Enhancement of personal and professional skills.

  • Reception of objective feedback.

  • Broadening of network of contacts by connecting with people of different backgrounds and learning from their experiences.

  • Awareness of strengths and development needs. 

What do we expect from a mentor?

  • Honesty to admit if the expectations of the assigned mentee cannot be met by her as a mentor 

  • Availability for a first goal-setting contact and at least one 2-hour meeting with the assigned mentee. (continuing with more meetings over time is optional and at the discretion of the participants)

  • May suggest readings, case studies, or other activities to support the mentee's growth beyond meetings. 

  • Share with APARU "lessons learned" at the end of the process

What do we expect from a mentee?

  • Respectful attitude and commitment to active participation.

  • Proactivity in scheduling meetings and posing relevant and specific questions to the mentor.

  • Clear and concise communication, focusing on a specific challenge.

  • Accountability for any follow-up actions after the mentoring session. 

  • Assess the progress made

What topics can be addressed in mentoring sessions?
Virtually any topic! From specific career challenges to life changes and professional dilemmas. Clear communication is crucial to avoid misunderstandings and to direct the conversation towards the desired goal. Also, it is essential to establish clear and measurable objectives to ensure a successful mentoring experience. 

Unidas del Sur 2.0 timeline:

  • 08/03: Program launch on social media.

  • 09/03 to 31/03: Acceptance of applications.

  • 31/03: Application deadline.

  • 02/04 to 06/04: Evaluation period and mentor-mentee pairing (APARU's internal process).

  • 08/04 to 12/04: emails sent by APARU to mentors requesting confirmation of their pairing assignments.

  • 13/04: emails sent by APARU to mentors and mentees announcing their final paired matches.

  • 18/04, from 19:00 to 20:00: Online program launch meeting, detailing rules, procedures, and addressing queries Google Meet link to participate in the meeting:

  • 18/04 to 18/05: Deadline to complete the mentoring process:

  • 06/06: Experience sharing and feedback meeting. Program closure (format to be determined: in-person at a London venue or online) - Distribution of "participation certificates".

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this initiative and empower ourselves together to achieve new goals! Growing together, succeeding together!

DISCLAMER: APARU will strive to match mentors and mentees based on individual profiles and interests. While we endeavour to accommodate everyone, we cannot guarantee a match for all applicants. By submitting an application, you agree to share your data with APARU and the matched individual, and further acknowledge that personal data will be used to contact you for mentoring arrangements.

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